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Edinburgh's City Guide

Edinburgh Castle

The stalwart of the Edinburgh skyline, very few visitors come to the city and don’t visit the castle. An ancient stronghold it perches upon the cragged remains of what used to be a volcano (now extinct). Historians believe it’s based on the former site of an Iron Age fort and it has taken many intriguing and interesting roles in history.

After its time as an ancient fort was over, Edinburgh Castle has been the shelter and a place of safety for Scottish monarch. Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Margaret of the 11th century are just two examples of former residents. The Crown Room of the Castle is home to the ancient Stone of Destiny, on which kings were crowned for decades – giving visitors the chance to see yet another real piece of Scottish history.

By the 1600s Edinburgh Castle had become a military base, with further expansion and the building of a huge garrison to provide a secure prison.

The modern day castle is a national icon, a leading tourist attraction and a central feature of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. The many attractions of the Castle include the spectacular Great Hall, the room where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI of Scotland and I of England and the might of the siege gun Mons Meg. Step back into history with Edinburgh’s most famous feature.

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