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Edinburgh's City Guide

Museum on the Mound

Opened in 2006 the Museum on the Mound is an interesting and alternative museum where you can find out all about the history of money. Of course that’s only one element of it as many other things go into the creation and production of the money and the Museum on the Mound covers everything from art and design to crime, trade, security and technology. All of these things play key roles in the story of money and this is on Edinburgh museum which can be enjoyed for free.

Activities and exhibits include everything from seeing how money has evolved in the past 4000 years to seeing exactly what £1 million looks like and the opportunity for the children (or you!) to have a go at cracking a safe.

The Museum on the Mound is actually based in the former headquarters of the Bank of Scotland and welcomes groups as well as single visitors. Everything from the basics of the first coins to economics and the more advanced side of currency are covered and you can be sure it will be experience which you will remember and has something for everyone to enjoy, in every age group.

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