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Edinburgh's City Guide

The Edinburgh Dungeon

The Edinburgh Dungeon is a popular, interactive attraction which is great fun and brings together history and entertainment. The Dungeons are a chance to enjoy a cast of theatrical actors, special effects, scenes and even rides as you get to grips with the underworld of the city of Edinburgh.

The storytellers are fantastic as they tell the tales of Edinburgh’s Underworld – master criminals and bloody murderers. There’s the chance to hear the tale of local cannibal Sawney Bean as well as serial killers Burke and Hare and their body snatching trade. See everything from a traditional torture chamber to the ghastly effects of the Black Plague as you travel through the attraction.

11 live shows and 80 minutes of entertainment take you from beginning to end of The Edinburgh Dungeon and you can be sure it’s an experience to remember. Based on Market Street, The Edinburgh Dungeon has a great central location, making it easy to access and well worth your time.

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