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Blog - Getting your deposit back: how to clean an apartment before moving out

Posted on 10/06/2013

The fame of Edinburgh University has spread far and wide. While Oxford and Cambridge still hold sway at the top of the list of places that the young aspire to join, Edinburgh has reached a prominent position in students’ minds, students prepared to travel from many parts of the UK and indeed the world to enjoy the quality of education whilst experiencing life in one of the cultural capitals of Europe.

In Scotland, university courses tend to be four years and in the first year when the surroundings are unfamiliar you may look for a Hall of Residence or digs. After that you may think of other alternatives.

Alexander Munro, the Medical School



One of the best ways to experience the city is to have flexible accommodation for the whole of the year, somewhere to come and go whilst being part of the community. That means an apartment with landlords happy to give long term tenancies against the security of a deposit that is returned at the end of the tenure.

You obviously have a responsibility to hand back the apartment in the condition it was when you first walked through the door. Normal wear and tear is something that a landlord is certain to accept but you must ensure that everything is in working order and there is no damage.

Small things are easy to replace. A broken glass or plate is part of everyday life. You will know the inventory when you signed up so it’s just a matter of ensuring it is complete when you are looking to hand back the keys and get your deposit returned.

Student days are not all wild parties but that does not mean that a glass or wine or beer does not get spilt or some paintwork chipped. You may have lived in the apartment for so long you take its appearance for granted. It may be a good idea to get a friend to look around and make a note of things that don’t quite look right; a stain on a carpet perhaps.

In good working order

You also need to make sure that everything is working properly and get a handyman in if there are any problems. Plumbing and electrics need to be checked and any slight problem like a dripping tap or a faulty fuse sorted out.

Once all the little jobs have been done it is a matter of giving the whole apartment a good clean. You may want to do it yourself but for the final handover it’s perhaps best to get someone in; someone who realises that there can be marks on draining boards and glass tables that you have missed. It is important to give the landlord a good overall impression and then an odd mistake may be overlooked as normal wear and tear.

A year in Edinburgh is certainly an experience with the historical and cultural content to enjoy in your free time. Add that to the Scottish reputation for hospitality and you will find you have received an education far broader than you would get in a book.