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Blog - The Commonwealth Games in Scotland

Posted on 30/07/2015

Scotland has played a role in the Commonwealth Games since its very beginning. From the debut games in Hamilton, Canada, the Scottish team has always been exceptionally represented at the games and whilst back then 15 athletes went along the team has gone on from strength to strength and in each games Scottish athletes have come away with plenty of medals, including the boon year of 2010 where the Scottish team brought back 26 medals from Delhi, 9 of them Gold.

As well as being a key participator though, Scotland has had the pleasure of being home to the Games on three separate occasions and has also been home to the Youth Games, with Edinburgh becoming the first city to host the Youth Games. Edinburgh was also the first city to hold the Commonwealth Games twice and of course, it came back to Scotland in 2014 in Glasgow. Only Australia and Canada have held more Commonwealth Games than Scotland. Below is a closer look at each Games and the success both in Scotland and for the athletes taking part.

Edinburgh 1970

Held from 16th to 25th July, the Commonwealth Games took over Edinburgh and brought 1,744 athletes to the city. It is memorable as the first time the British Commonwealth Games was used and they also used metric rather than imperial units for the first time. 42 teams attended from around the world and 1970 was the first year for athletes from Grenada, Guernsey, Malawi, Swaziland and The Gambia. Australia topped the medal table with Scotland coming in fourth with 25 medals in total and Golds in boxing, fencing and other sports.

Edinburgh 1986

Held between 24th July and 2nd August, Edinburgh 1986 was less of a huge success than 1970 due to widespread political boycotts said to be connected. A huge number of Commonwealth nations staged a boycott, 32 nations in fact, because of the government at the time’s policy to keep Britain's sporting links with apartheid South Africa in preference to participating in the general sporting boycott of that country. There was also a financial scandal and unfortunately Edinburgh 1986 is not remembered fondly. 27 teams were represented with Norfolk Island and Maldives attending for the first time. England topped the medal table with Scotland coming in third with 33 medals in total and, 3 Golds amongst them.

Glasgow 2014

Held in Glasgow from 23rd July until 3rd August, Glasgow 2014 was the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland, bringing in a huge 4,950 athletes. There were 71 participating nations and England once again topped the medal table whilst Scotland made it back up to fourth place, with 53 medals and a huge 19 Golds. Gold winners in the Scottish team included Charlie Flynn in boxing, Neil Fachie & Craig MacLean in cycling, Daniel Keatings in gymnastics, Louise Renicks in judo and Hannah Miley in swimming.