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Blog - Around Edinburgh by Bike

Posted on 29/10/2014

Edinburgh benefits from a wide range of scenic cycle paths and off-road riding routes. Knowing your way around them can take some time and there are so many, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here we’ve selected a pathway from different parts of the city to give you a real sense of the range available. There are cycle paths taking you to almost every corner of Edinburgh and many of the routes are beautiful and picturesque as well as convenient.

Edinburgh has an extensive network of cycle paths with the Innertube Map your best guide to the off-street paths around the city. Here is just an example of four of the path we think are the most enjoyable and provide a relaxing, scenic experience.

Silverknowes Esplanade

For wonderful views in the North of Edinburgh, Silverknowes Esplanade offers a wonderful environment for cycling. Wide and level you can enjoy the views over the Firth of Forth but it is worth remembering that dog walkers and children also use the area so it can get busy. There are steps to look out for but aside from that it’s an enjoyable, easy ride.

The Innocent Railway Path

To the South East of the city you’ll find the Innocent Railway Path. It runs from the Newington area under Holyrood Park to the east of the city. It is one of the longest routes in the whole of the city and it begins with a long tunnel and emerges near the pleasant greenery of Holyrood Park and also the Bawinch Nature Reserve. The route follows the line of The Innocent Railway which ran from Edinburgh to Dalkeith and the pleasant views make it an enjoyable ride whether you go the whole way or not.

The Union Canal Towpath

To the South East of Edinburgh city centre is a traffic free cycle path that runs alongside the canal, with wonderful views of the water, canal boats and wildlife. It doubles up as a footpath so you may have to avoid top speeds and the occasional angler on the bank also poses a threat. Aside from this, for a gentle ride, it’s a wonderful route.

The Meadows

Finding a scenic, green cycle path in the centre of the city proved difficult and the closest we got was a journey through the Meadows. North Meadow Walk runs from Hope Park Crescent along the northern edge of the Meadows to Melville Drive. The Meadows is one of the Edinburgh’s most popular park, known for its tree-lined paths and open spaces. The flat pathways are simply perfect for cycling and lighting ensures a safe and comfortable ride at any time of the day or night.