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Blog - Five Scottish Foods Everyone Should Try

Posted on 14/10/2014

Food is an important part of Scottish culture, as much as anything else and there are certain foods which immediately come to mind when you think of Scotland. Scottish cuisine has had a rough ride over the years, with many bad jokes and proclamations of ‘deep fried everything’ but here are five intrinsically Scottish foods that everyone should try.

1 Haggis

Haggis had to be at number one as it’s the most famous dish that Scotland is known for. Though many are put off by the mere idea of it, once you have a taste you’ll surely have your mind changed. A savoury pudding which is made up of the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep minced up with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt. Traditionally the dish was served up in the sheep’s stomach but it’s readily available in a standard sausage casing now. It can be served up in many ways but is most traditionally served with turnip and potatoes, the traditional Scottish neeps and tatties.

2 The Scotch Pie

A savoury treat made with double crust stiff pastry. It’s filled with highly peppered and spiced minced mutton and is round in shape. Each Scotch pie maker has their own secret blend of recipes and spices, so no two pies will be the same but there are a couple of standard rules. Each pie is baked in a round straight-edged tin and the top crust is laid lower than the rim, allowing for side dishes such as baked beans, sauce and even mashed potato to be added.

3 Finnan Haddie

Finnan Haddie is a dish made of fresh Scottish smoked haddock. It originates from Findon which is near Aberdeen and is simply smoked haddock grilled with butter or served in a simple stew of milk and onions. Finnan Haddie is also closely related to the next dish on our list, which is often made of the same fish.

4 Cullen Skink

Once again using the fresh and then smoked haddock of Scotland, Cullen skink is a famous thick soup. The smoked haddock is combined with white potatoes, onions and seasoning and is, as it name suggests, from the town of Cullen in the North East of the country. The thickness of the soup is dependent on the milk, cream and butter content chosen by the individual chef and you won’t want to sit down for your soup without a slice of doorstop bread.

5 Clootie Dumpling

Clootie dumpling is reminiscent of the traditional Christmas pudding and is the star of the show at many Hogmanay and Burn’s Night feasts across Scotland. Often served with custard, the clootie dumpling is made up of fruits and spices bound together in a thick suet putting. Recipes vary across different regions of Scotland, with some adding golden syrup others adding treacle and some even add in breadcrumbs. If you get a taste for clootie dumplings you could try it in many different ways across Scotland.