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Blog - Free Summer Activities in Edinburgh

Posted on 16/06/2014

Getting out and about in the summer sun is great fun wherever you are and though a city may not seem like a best venue for enjoying the great outdoors, Edinburgh is an exception. Full of green spaces and stunning scenery, there are plenty of things to do in the city which don’t involve heading indoors. Even better, many of these things are free and below we’re looking at some of the most interesting ones.

Arthur’s Seat

This is probably top of most people’s list of things they must do when they visit Edinburgh. Climbing Arthur’s Seat is simply a must, especially when visiting Edinburgh in the warm summer months. Enjoy a 360 degree of the whole city but remember trails do get busy so perhaps opt for an early morning or late afternoon trek.

Portobello Beach

Just three miles from the centre of Edinburgh is the relaxing beach resort – Portobello. It’s surprisingly clean considering how close it is to the busy city centre and of course, entirely free. A day at the beach probably wasn’t what you were expecting from a trip to Edinburgh but if the sun is in the sky it’s certainly worth of a visit.

National Museum Roof Garden

The National Museum is one of those places you probably thought about visiting anyway but add in a little bit of summer fun by heading up to the roof garden. It’s not as well-known as you might think and it’s nestled wonderfully amongst the stunning Edinburgh cityscape. It is one further way of seeing Edinburgh from the sky and gives a different viewpoint to Arthur’s Seat.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Greyfriars Kirkyard is one of the most atmospheric places in Edinburgh but chances are you won’t feel like having a look around if it’s pouring with rain. When it basks in sunshine you can have a proper look around and discuss legends such as Greyfriars Bobby and other unusual tales which can be discovered as you have a look around.

Dr Neil’s Garden

Dr Neil’s Garden has been renowned as one of the most interesting and remarkable gardens in the whole of Scotland. It sits next door to Duddingston Kirk and is a true feat of imagination and hard work from Drs Andrew and Nancy Neil. It is sometimes known as Edinburgh’s Secret Garden and you have to see it and experience it to really appreciate it.

Royal Botanic Gardens

This is another Edinburgh’s biggies. The Royal Botanic Gardens can be enjoyed at any time of year as it incorporates both indoor and outdoor elements but in the summer months it’s just packed full of fascinating flora and sensory experiences like no other.

Taking a summer break in Edinburgh can be great fun. There are so many different things to do and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Once you’ve organised your transport and booked your Edinburgh accommodation it’s definitely worth slotting a few of our free experiences into your intinerary.

Photo credit: Calum Summers