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Blog - Why Edinburgh International Film Festival stands out from the Crowd?

Posted on 13/05/2014

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is world renowned and it’s something film critics and fanatics hold in high esteem, not to mention other industry bodies. Edinburgh is extremely proud of its film festival and it brings many tourists to the city every year. The 2014 festival runs from 18th until 29th June and is already shaping up to be an exciting event.

The many tourists drawn to the city for the film festival book into a wide range of Edinburgh accommodation and it’s another boost to the bubbling tourist industry in the city. The film festival itself is so far reaching there is something for every type of film enthusiast.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival was founded in 1947 and immediately began promoting the best international cinema available. It brought about much debate and discussion about filmmaking and developments in the industry. It began small, attracting only the most dedicated film industry experts but there were always plans for great expansion and slowly but surely it happened. The Edinburgh International Film Festival exists to showcase innovation in international cinema in a city which is renowned for its cultural and literary past.

The Edinburgh Film Festival isn’t limited by genres and the organisers are always keen to innovate and include niche areas of film which maybe neglected by other festivals. Over the decades there has been focus on black and feminist filmmakers, New German cinema and the nurturing of many new talents in the industry. It’s clear the festival is all about passion for film and making it the best it can be.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival has proudly played host to many world premieres including Little Miss Sunshine, Billy Elliot, The Hurt Locker and Brave. They have also used the last decade to highlight some of the great talents from around the globe currently on our screens. They have had the great honour of interviewing everybody from Sam Mendes to Roger Deakins and Shane Meadows to Jennifer Lawrence. Their patrons include Tilda Swinton and Robert Carlyle.

This year’s festival will see a wide range of awards being received in many different fields, giving talented filmmakers, both old and new, to add another prestigious feature to their accolades. Many visitors to the festival will be looking forward to the premieres they may see and the overall experience of Edinburgh as a famous festival city.

Edinburgh is known for its festivals. Above all else it is known as a city which holds a great festival and this extends beyond simply the world famous Edinburgh Festival itself and includes the EIFF and other events which maybe more niche but are just as important for the culture of the city. Visitors to Edinburgh are often first timers to the city simply because of the festival they’ve chosen but it doesn’t take much to get people coming back for more.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is just one more event which makes Edinburgh worth visiting. Almost every day of the year you can find something to celebrate in Edinburgh.

Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young /