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Blog - Edinburgh's stunning landscapes

Posted on 06/04/2014

Have the perfect city break in Edinburgh

Discovering Edinburgh can be unlike anything else. Unlike London, New York or Tokyo, the Scottish capital is not full of flashing lights and neon stained nights. Instead, the city offers a far more subtle attraction, a slow burn into the heart of each of its visitors. A cultural construction hewn out of the rolling landscape, the twists and turns of the streets, the rounded pound of the cobbles and the delights behind every doorway make discovering the city an adventure in itself. When it comes to your city break, what are the locations which will help unravel the enigma of Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Castle

Stepping out onto the streets of Edinburgh, the eye is always drawn upwards. Wherever you walk in the city, Edinburgh Castle is there. Glimpsed behind buildings and rising up over the horizon, sometimes shrouded in mist, sometimes gleaming beneath the sun. An extension of the landscape itself, the stone work and the design of the castle seem almost like a fairy tale. That is, right up until the moment you stand beneath the walls and realise the power and the construction which have gone into the design of one of the country’s most fascinating and historically rich architectural delights.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

For those who time their visit to the castle just right, you can discover the military might which made the ancient building the seat of Scottish power for so many hundreds of years. The Military Tattoo is an internationally renowned display of the organisation and the dedication of the British military and the ceremony itself has become a global attraction for those seeking to find a new facet for a city known for its wealth of fine art and atmosphere.

The Scotch Whisky Experience


For those who are seeking a quite literal taste of Scotland, one of Edinburgh’s most interesting attractions can open you up to the world of whisky. The rich and refined flavours of one of Scotland’s finest exports are on display in their entirety inside the museum. Whilst the numerous world class galleries offer a tremendous bounty of fine art, a visit to the Scotch Whisky Experience can give you a glimpse into the cultural traditions of the country in an entirely different way.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Growing in size for over half a century, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe now takes over the city for three weeks every year. Bringing in both world famous names and unknown debutantes, the Festival offers the arts community a forum to express their ideas in a city which perfectly reflects their ambitions. Against the backdrop of such a beautiful town, the theatre, the comedy and the artistic expressions seem incredibly apt. Those who visit purely for the festival often find themselves falling in love with everything the city has to offer, and vice versa. Whether you are making your way to Edinburgh for one thing in particular, for a city break or an extended stay, you might be surprised by the seductive qualities of one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

Photo credit: Craig James