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Quality Assurance on all our apartments

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Apartments Quality Assurance

We are aware that the quality of experience during your stay at our apartments is an important feature of your holiday.  The Edinburgh Apartments therefore places high regard on ensuring that your accommodation meets your expectations both in terms of standard and budget. 

The Edinburgh Apartment implements and monitors Quality Assurance principally by:

  • Capping the number of properties at 40
  • Grading the properties
  • Online Questionnaires completed by guests
Our policy to cap the properties at 40 enables us to deliver the best service to our owner clients and our guests. We are able to visit each property personally to assess the standard and quality of the accommodation.  Our personal visits afford us an intimate knowledge of the properties positioning us well to advise on suitability of accommodation for particular needs, for example, if there are stairs leading to or within a property, or if heating is gas or electric etc...

We are aware that sourcing and booking accommodation can be a long and tiring process and with over 750 accommodation providers in Edinburgh it can equally be a daunting process.   In 2007, to support guests search for suitable accommodation, The Edinburgh Apartment created its unique gradings to provide a system that could reflect the standard of each apartment across the portfolio.  The grading system has been highly successfully as a tool to concisely share our knowledge of the properties to best meet expectations of new and returning guests. 

The grading system reflects the quality of the accommodation.  There are 4 grades: Budget, Standard, Premium and Delux and in general the higher the grade the higher the overall quality.  However regardless of grade all the apartments are required to meet the following criteria:

  • High standard of cleanliness throughout
  • Local information to help guests make the best of their stay
  • Comfortable accommodation with a range of furniture to meet your needs
  • Colour television
  • Kitchen equipped to meet all essential requirements

Grading Descriptions

Generally good overall quality of decor, furnishings and fixtures, which may be of a practical or older style. Beds of at least standard adult size (unless advertised otherwise). Space may be limited, particularly in bedrooms.  All equipment provided will work and be fit for purpose.

Quality of decor will demonstrate greater attention to co-ordination and practicality.  More spacious accommodation offering greater levels of comfort and freedom of movement, for example, access to both sides of double beds and each occupant provided with bedside table and lamp.  Wider range of appliances will be available, including microwave oven and dishwasher.

High level of comfort, decorated and furnished to a high standard.  Usually more spacious with very good quality furniture, soft furnishings, beds and flooring.  More extensive range of appliances, including washing machine and tumble dryer.

Excellent quality accommodation in Edinburgh with a high specification evident in all areas.  Attention to detail shown in design with exemplary standards of care and maintenance.  Sleeping in designated bedrooms only, i.e., no sofa beds.  Full range of appliances and equipment, including freezer.

An important part of our Quality Assurance is the online questionnaire emailed to guests at the end of their stay.  This provides an ideal opportunity for guests to share thoughts and comments on their experiences as a guest of The Edinburgh Apartment.