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Edinburgh's City Guide

Dynamic Earth


What is Our Dynamic Earth?

The Mother Earth of all adventures.
Earth Explorers get ready … as you are about to go travelling through time and across the planet on a rollercoaster journey of discovery!

There’s so much to see and do! You can journey to the centre of the earth, become an astronaut and witness “outer space”, go time travelling back to the beginning of time, wander through a tropical rainforest, feel the chill of polar ice and even come face to face with your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great ancestors! And that is only for starters!

You can also take a helicopter flight across Scotland’s dynamic landscape, dive to the depths of the oceans, come face to face with a dinosaur and go time travelling into our distant and unknown future.

NEW Earthscape Scotland
Earthscape Scotland is our fantastic new external gallery. As well as being able to bore to the depths of the Earth’s core, there’s a great picnic area to relax in and take some time out to do some fossil rubbing. We’ve also got some awesome rocks which reveal how Scotland has travelled across the Earth’s surface. Did you know that Scotland used to be located in the Southern Hemisphere near the Antarctic? The evidence is all in our rocks!

NEW FutureDome
Finally you will take your crew seat in the FUTUREDOME, our brand new gallery experience, to be whisked forward in time to face and make crucial decisions on the challenges affecting our rollercoaster planet.

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